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SEMIROON is a word created by Phil Wilkes Fixico, a Seminole Maroon Descendant as described by Professor Kevin Mulroy. Professor Mulroy is the world's leading authority on Seminole Maroons. When asked by the Smithsonian Institution to write an essay on the African-Native American experience as it applies to the Seminoles and their Black tribal members, he chose the Bruner/Fixico family for which Phil or Pompey is a contemporary descendant. The essay appears in the Smithsonian Institution's book and exhibit entitled "indiVisible": African-Native American Lives in the Americas.

Since learning about his heritage he has connected with his family in: L.A., Texas, Mexico, Oklahoma and Missouri. He vowed to his living relatives, to speak for the ancestors 300 times and to take their story to the nation. Phil believes in the doctrine of "TRANSENDENCE" for African-Native Americans, that is, instead of trying to go where they might not be wanted that they should work on starting their own African-Native American tribes through self-cultural development. Semiroon is a synthesis of the words Seminole and Maroon. Pompey (his African-Native American name) created the: "Seminole Maroon Peace Belt" which is a tool of cultural enlightenment and one that he hopes will be used to encourage cultural paradigms and positive imperatives.


This website is dedicated to DISCOVERY. The information that I will insert here initially will reflect a personal story of my Self-Discovery.

For the most part, the people, places and things discussed will be about the world as it relates to Seminole Maroons and their
descendants. To acquire a frame of reference to do this, I will share much of the research knowledge that I have gained over the  last 11 years. I caution you though, at all times, remember, that I am not a professional Historian or Anthropologist. However, I have learned much over these past several years and I feel that I should describe my exploration and involvement in this area. I do this because after living for 52 years of my life without knowledge of my heritage, 11 years ago while searching on the computer, I discovered that I am a Seminole Maroon Descendant.

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